How Committed Are You In Your Network Marketing Business?

Not too long ago, me and my husband had a Zoom meeting with a business lady and her personal assistant from Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

The business lady’s name is Mrs. M.

The Zoom meeting was held because Mrs. M is very keen to explore the network marketing business I am in and she was looking for the right sponsor for her and her Personal Assistant (PA).

Here’s some background story about Mrs. M.

She is a successful business women. Previously, she has tried building a MLM / network marketing business and had quite a large network.

However, one thing was lacking from her previous MLM business. She didn’t get much guidance and support from her sponsor or team.

If you have never built a network marketing business before, know that one of the key factor to be successful is your team.

It does not matter if your business has the best product or the best marketing plan, if you joined a none-committed team, as the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together”.

You will end up being frustrated and quit the business.

That was exactly what happened to Mrs. M.

For a time, she has kept away from any MLM business and focused on her conventional business.

What attracted her to the MLM company I partnered with was the company’s core product.

She has seen many people talking about it online and decided to purchase it from an online 3rd party platform just to try it.

She tried it and loved it!

That has sparked her interest in network marketing again and this time around, she started looking for a right sponsor and the right team to join.

That was how Mrs. M got connected with me and my husband and thus the Zoom meeting with her and her PA.

During the Zoom meeting, it was clear what Mrs. M wanted from a sponsor. She wanted someone that can guide and support her whilst building her network.

She wants a sponsor which is truly committed in the business.

How can you tell if your sponsor or your upline is committed in their business?

I thought about that question for a while because commitment in my own network marketing business has never been an issue.

I was committed in building my business from day one back in March 2018.

Back then, I was unemployed and money fast running out in my bank account.

I had no other option. I had to make it work.

I understand a lot of people may not be in that situation.

Signing up as a member costs less than RM100.

There is no risk because there is no capital investment required and the MLM business model in Malaysia has long been proven to work going back as far as 1976 when Amway Malaysia was established.

That is a +40 years track record in Malaysia and the company is still going strong! I am not with Amway by the way.

Because it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started and there is no capital investment required, many people treated their MLM business like a hobby.

They only do it when they feel like doing it… alas, they are not truly committed in the business.

When you treat the business like a hobby, you will get hobby income.

A true measure of our commitment in our network marketing business is when my husband quit his corporate job with a public listed company in Malaysia and went full time in our business at the end of 2019.

In short, me and my husband have burnt our ships.

In 334 BC, Alexander led a fleet of Greek and Macedonian ships across the Dardanelles Straits and into Asia Minor.

When he reached the shore, Alexander ordered his men to burn the ships. He told his men, “We will either return home in Persian ships or we will die here.”

My network marketing business is now my full time career. It is me and my husband’s only source of income for our family.

There is no turning back for us therefore, we are fully committed to grow our business and also help our business associates to grow their business.

In closing, Mrs. M and her PA have joined our team and we are looking forward to helping them grow their business.

If you are thinking of building a networking marketing business with a MLM organisation in Malaysia?

Or are you new in the industry and you are looking to work with experienced MLM leaders in the country?

If you are, please reach out to me through my blog to get connected. Me and my husband will be more than happy to assist you.

20 Free Ways to Market Your Business Online

Small business owners usually have no major marketing budget. And the money you have, should you put them on the seller who is calling, internet, print media or elsewhere? An error location can break any smaller company. But you, there are ways to market on which is completely free, or at the very least.

It takes an investment of time, but you’re not fully up today, so it can be a great way to get new customers. We will list some common ways and some less common, even some on the verge of crazy marketing methods.

1. Find collaborations (works equally well offline) with other companies where you have the same customer group and complement each other without competing. Then tell customers about each other or agree on a kickback to those who refer customers to you. Have a lunch together to see what you can find more to help each other.

2. Become a fan on different Facebook pages and introduce your company to the other fans. Here you have our Facebook page where you would like to add a link to your website.

3. Announce a contest and find sponsors who pay the prizes.

4. Comment articles and blogs. Write good comments and questions to articles and blogs where you can link to your website. Do it seriously and do not mind spamming.

5. Work with search engine optimization by providing links to your website.

6. Join a forum where you can link to your website from your signature. There you can participate in the discussions and each time you post a post, you automatically get an inlink. It gives both traffic and linkage.

7. Guest blog of someone who has visitors with potential customers. Few bloggers and website owners thank no to posts that are well written and give something to readers. It can be really effective marketing where you can also request a link back to your website with a well-chosen keyword.

Contact us for a call to write.

8. Email marketing and newsletters are a very cost effective marketing, where it is also easy to measure results. Begin collecting email addresses on your website already today. Offer a Pdf with free tips or something else to get more subscribers.

9. Do a market research (works just as well offline) where you find out what the market, your visitors, and even current customers really want. This is not direct marketing but you get a good basis for making direct marketing or DM. It may also be that sometimes we think we know what the customers want without actually having a black on white. There, a market research can save a lot of money and time.

10. Add your website address in your email signature so that it is clearly visible. Every little helps…

11. Write a debate article and get it published on websites and in newspapers.

Keep in mind that a lot of traffic to your website may not necessarily mean many new customers. Bet on the marketing channels where your target audience is. There are Facebook groups, forums and blogs within all industries. If it is not, maybe it’s time for you to start one?

Tips on marketing offline
12. Send an advertisement where your colleagues pay the cost. Get a flyer and call other companies in your city and ask if they want to be on the mailing. You take care of it all and can therefore add your advertisement on the mailing at no cost.

13. Join a business network or go to a breakfast meeting in your place. Breakfast meetings for the town’s business owners are quite common, so check if there are you close by. Business networks can cost money but you can always go there and try to see if there is anything for you. Keep in mind that there is only one new exciting contact for positive things for you and your business.

14. Spread your business cards. Sure, it costs a little to print business cards but it’s usually a good investment. Have the habit of distributing them, because you never know who at a later date needs your skills or want to recommend you to anyone.

15. Contact current customers, request references and mention that they are welcome to recommend your company. Virtually all people are looking forward to this with joy! Or, in any case, have you put a seed that might mean that they may later on your services.

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16. Set up as a speaker at a corporate event or other event where your potential customers are located.

17. Contact a newspaper and have it write about you. Journalists are constantly looking for new things to write about and you can certainly find something that can be exciting for the magazine’s readers. Learn more about how to succeed in PR here.

Here are some bonus tips:

18. Take a high pressure wash and flush the asphalt or a suitable wall so that your company name or website is visible. It’s environmentally friendly, fun and eye-catching guild marketing.

19. Contact flight training and ask if you can hang such a pennant behind the plane. Get things better and more people. Keep in mind not to make the text too small

20. Get a durable, slightly bigger balloon and print your company name on it. Attach it to a rope and pour it into the air to make it look good. This is not free but it’s marketing that people definitely remember.

Now you’ve got some ways you can test. As usual, there are no shortcuts, nor in terms of marketing. Test yourself, measure your results and try new ways.

Three Easy Ways to Track Response Rates in Direct Marketing Campaigns

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners launch direct marketing campaigns through email marketing, direct mail or other methods, then forget the most important aspect of a direct marketing campaign: tracking the results. One of the advantages of direct marketing is that is trackable and measurable. You can tell, for example, how much every dollar spent on direct marketing made back in sales. But you won’t be able to analyze your data if you fail to collect it.You can test many aspects of a direct marketing campaign from the creative presentation to the offer. Each yields different insights that add valuable data to the marketing manager or business owner’s understanding of what drives sales. Tracking elements that you are testing in a direct marketing campaign offers the critical data points necessary for good decision-making about marketing campaigns.Depending upon your campaign, the media, and the budget, there are many ways you can track responses to each direct marketing promotion. The following three methods are the lowest cost methods to track results from campaigns online or offline. Be sure to track only one element you’re testing at a time, or else you won’t be able to tell which element boosted the response rate.Unique Campaign Response URL URLs are so inexpensive these days, and it’s so easy to create a landing page for a campaign that using a unique URL to track different lists or tests within an online or direct mailing effort makes sense. You can place the unique tracking URL on direct mail pieces or include links in email campaigns. Choose URLs that are directly related to the campaign name, theme or the product or company name. Keep them short and easy to type if you are including them on direct mail pieces. Make sure that the landing pages are identical; if you include different text or graphics on the landing page, you are mixing too many elements into the test matrix.Different Response Phone NumbersA unique toll free number, phone number, or phone extension can also track responses in a direct marketing campaign, especially direct mail campaigns. Many companies use this method to track responses by promotional channel. Another variation on this theme is to list different “staff” in the marketing piece. Jane’s name may be on piece one, while Ann’s name on piece two. If the call center or operator is given a list of names, and knows to tick off the number of calls next to the names, you can get a good idea of the responsiveness of a promotion by tallying how many times Jane or Ann was requested.Special Response CodesYou may be familiar with the codes on the back of catalogs in the colored boxes. These correspond to various tests or factors the catalog marketer wishes to track. Special codes may also be included on order forms to track responses. Sometimes customers find typing response codes into online forms onerous. Try rewarding customers who include their response codes with a free gift with purchase or another bonus to encourage them to reveal their response or source codes.Testing ConceptsThese three methods of tracking results from direct marketing campaigns work well with many types of tests. Whether you’re conducting a split test or a test with many variables, be sure to use tracking methods such as a unique landing page and URL, unique phone number or source codes so that you can analyze the response data later and make informed decisions about your marketing methods.